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March- Coastin’

So I should start this post by informing you all that I usually keep notes on my phone about what happens during the month so that I know what to write about at the end of the month. I didn’t do that this month…. so bare with me here! I’ll be looking at pictures on my phone as I go, hopefully they’ll jog my memory! 

Remember at the end of last month’s post when I was sick but excited about it just being a cold and getting over it fast because that rarely happens? Well, March started with me not actually being healthy again, eventually going to the doctor, and finding out I had bronchitis. It ended up lasting like most of march. Oh, the irony!!

Other than being sick, March was a great month!! It began with me going to my favorite place in Boulder, the grizzly rose! I went with Amalia and my friend Caroline (she’s a new friend and really great!!), it was so much fun!! But, I had a 6 page essay due the next day, so I got home at 2am and pulled an all nighter writing! Is it weird that I like pulling all nighters? I definitely do it more than I should… but it’s okay cuz I’m young, right?!

The next day, I got a big paycheck and instead of saving it like a normal person, I went on a little shopping spree! Yay for new clothes and accessories! :) Ok so as I’m looking through my pictures, I’m realizing a lot of fun but little things happened. So I’m just gonna list them right now and then add pics. I rode in a side-car of a motorcycle, waited in line for four hours for my student macklemore ticket, got a care package from my mommy, went to the last home basketball game of the season, went to sushi zamnai (AGAIN) with some awesome people, and wore sundresses because the weather was really nice for like two days! 

St Paddy’s day was interesting… I didn’t really do much but it was fun nonetheless! I began the day by helping with kindergarten sunday school (which, by the way, is becoming my favorite part of the week), and boy did the kids have adorable outfits on! Then I went to my friends’ apartment and made them green pancakes with lucky charm marshmallows (thanks pinterest)! I hung out with them for a while and then went back to Buck to work the front desk… then I randomly started feeling super sick so I went to bed at like 6! Crazy right? Then I had to get up again at midnight to work the desk again… but that was a super fun shift because I had some very entertaining visitors! 

So I’m having a hard time thinking about things chronologically this month… so I’m just gonna randomly throw in an update about school. I had five tests this month…. some went really well, and others went not so well. I’m not enjoying my classes as much this semester as last semester, but that’s ok. I think I’m just over school in general right now… some call it the sophomore slump. But I only have 5 weeks left and then I’ll be a Junior and hopefully like school again!

The last week of this month was my spring break!! It was literally SUCH a great break. I went home to san diego, and loved almost every minute of it! It was so great to spend time with my fam, some of my san diego friends, and my family at LJPC (my home church). I laid out on the beach a ton (and got super sunburned… but don’t worry, now it’s a nice tan!), I got to go to the wild animal park, I got all dolled up and went to a casino, I hung out on a rooftop, I had some great conversations with some great people, I got to meet an adorable puppy (shoutout to Lily Platt!), and I got to spend Easter with my church fam and mommy! I didn’t get much rest… but hey, that’s okay! It was truly a wonderful break :). 

OOOH and during spring break, I officially got accepted into The University of Dublin, Ireland for the fall of 2013!!!!! I’m soooo excited… and hopefully you all are too for more blog posts!! :)

March ended with me and my sis flying back to Boulder, and boy let me tell you last night was a rough one!! I got back to Buckingham at 1:15am because my flight was delayed, and I had to go straight to the front desk to work until 4am! Needless to say, this first day of April was a major struggle. But hey, I’m happy and healthy, and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day! 

Now for an explanation of the title- I couldn’t for the life of me think of a title this month!! So I left the title part blank until I was finished writing, hoping something would come to me as I finished the post! But, I finished writing and still had nothing. So I scrolled through some songs on my iTunes… and the song Coastin’ by Zion I caught my eye! And I decided this was a fitting title because nothing huge happened this month… and I feel like I’m coasting along until summer arrives! So there you have it, some insight into my train of thought.

Thanks for reading if you did, love ya’ll!!



“As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.”
February- Month of Stressin’

Another month gone by…. boy how time flies!! So this month’s title is a spin off of last year’s title. As I explained in my February blog last year, I usually refer to February as the month of lovin. This year, February felt a little different. I’m not sure why, but a ton just came crashing down towards the end of February! But it’s all good, I’m glad to be on to a new month now :).

February started with me watching star wars for the very first time!!!! Exciting right?! I watched the oldest episode…. episode 4 yeah? I didn’t think I was gonna like it… but I actually did!! Two of my friends, Tanner and Stefan, made me watch it! I think it was the first fri night of feb, we had just got out of a retreat for programming board, and I had to work the desk from 12-4am, so we spent the night playing diddy kong racing on N64 (SO great right?!), watching star wars, eating pizza, and we made cookie-dough covered oreos (so yummy)!! It was one of my favorite nights for sure.

The next night, Amalia and I went to sushi zamnai AGAIN, the following sat made it three weekends in a row for us!! 

Oh! I got a haircut!! Like 4 inches cut off, and layers/side bangs were added! Wahoo!

Then one of my best friends Sasha came to visit me!!!!! If you read my blog last year, you may remember that I visited Sasha at UM last year… well this year it was her turn to visit me!! We had sooo much fun in Boulder, it was a great weekend!! Amalia, Bri, and I picked her up from the airport on Thursday night and, of course, took her straight to the Grizzly Rose!!! On friday she came to two of my classes with me, and we went to my friend’s bday dinner on friday night! Then we literally laid in bed ALL day on sat… it was so nice. Sat night we went to sushi zamnai and sang out hearts out… SO fun!!! And then she left Sunday (Wahhh!). But it was so so so fun to have her visit, I loved every second of it and wish it hadn’t had to end!!

Then, somehow, I got sick AGAIN! In case you didn’t read last month’s blog… I was sick for like 2 weeks at the end of jan. It was so not fun being sick again… I’m sure it was just as a result of not getting sleep and having a poor immune system though. 

Then I had like a gazillion tests… ok not that many but if felt like it!! Basically, I went through like 2 or 3 weeks where I had tests, RA incidents, being sick, and fam stuff ALL happening at once!! It was overwhelming and exhausting. 

Somewhere in that 2/3 weeks of hell, Amalia and I went to Denver for a saturday! We went shopping and it was sooo much fun!!! 

Valentines day was a great day! I had class and all that normal stuff… but then I helped with an event in Buckingham that was a “pre-game” party for the basketball game against U of A! So I was around for that and it was fun, and then Amalia and Bri and I went to the U of A game and had super good seats and we won so we rushed the court… it was insane!!!! Pretty sure I might have been on TV cuz this lady pointed her camera at Amalia and I, but I guess I’ll never know! Either way it was a super fun night!! 

Amalia and I’s mini v-day photo shoot! :)

rushed the court!!

This month I called 911 for my first time… it was stressful but I think I handled it well! Don’t worry, it wasn’t for anything too big, I was at the front desk and there was a resident who needed medical attention. Look at me being a professional RA calling 911! Ha.

The end of February brought Annex at Aspen!! Basically, the college ministry I’m involved with, The Annex, went on a weekend trip to Aspen!! It was sooooo much fun. Megan went too, and we spent Sat morning skiing with each other! First time skiing in Colorado, it was awesome! And I made new friends this weekend… super great friends! There was a basketball tournament and it was such a blast! And then the car ride home was more fun than it should’ve been… we were stuck in the car for 7 hours because of snow but it was so great getting to know the people in my car! Ah, what a great weekend. 

Alright so this month’s post was kinda lame…. sorry!! I’ll try to do better next month.

 Thanks for wanting to know about my life! Love ya’ll!


January- It Ain’t the end of the World

First of all… today marks an entire year of me doing these monthly posts!! Wahooo!! For those of you who have been with me the whole year, thanks for being interested enough in my life to read my ridiculously long post month! For those who just started reading recently, hopefully I won’t drive you away as I continue to write ridiculously long posts! And if no one reads these despite my hope that some do… oh well! It’s fun to look back on my posts from this year, and this blog has been helpful in reflecting on what has been happening in my life!

So this month’s title comes from the song “2012” by Jay Sean. I remember going home from school CRYING one day my freshman year of high school because some older boys in my spanish class convinced me that the world was going to end in 2012. This was the first time I heard of the “Mayan calendar theory”, and as a gullible and naive 15 year old, I was devastated. But, here we are at the end of Janruary, 2013, and the world didn’t end!! Yayyy for the Mayans being wrong :).

Ok so January began with a super fun mini-VACAY!!!!!! Sasha, one of my best friends from high school, and I went to Palm Springs for a few days!! It was sooooo fun!!! It took us FOREVER to get there (because I was driving and am directionally challenged and couldn’t find the hotel), but we spent the entire drive finally getting some serious talk time (we’re usually so distracted with other things when we’re together) and some serious singing time (singing high school musical, glee, and pitch perfect is our fave)!!! We spent the few days laying by the pool, shopping, going to a street fair, eating at a fancy restaurant, thinking we met a celebrity from like the 60s, and watching gossip girl!! It was literally the best way to start the new year :).

I had to be back at school on Jan 7th for RA spring training, so the first week of Jan was, unfortunately, my last week at home! I spent it playing laser tag and going to hookah bars with friends (including Hannah, one of my residents here at CU!!), going to my home church one last time, and saying bye to everyone.

Then it was back to Boulder for me, only to find out that training didn’t actually start until the evening of the 9th! After getting over being frustrated (per usual) with ResLife, Amalia and I realized this meant we had a few days to do whatever we wanted! So my first two days back in Boulder were spent getting lots of sleep, going to Target, and watching movies with Amalia! Then we had training, which was blah (except we got to hear this super cool guy named Chris Bell talk, look him up on youtube or something!!), and then new residents moved in!! This was super fun for me because I like meeting new people, and I love making people feel welcome when they enter a new environment! Ok so one of my fave moments this month is when Amalia and I planned a Golden Globes Viewing Party for our dorm! We blew both of our floor budgets for the semester (oops!) but it was worth it!! We made super pinterest-y snacks, and watched the red carpet and all! It was soo fun :)

The next day, classes of second semester began!! I absolutely love my classes this semester…. it is so fun being in classes that I’m interested in!! I’m taking three sociology classes, a communication class, the second part of gen bio, and the lab to go along with the bio lecture! It is definitely going to be a challenging semester, but I have a good feeling that I’m gonna be alright :).

So within the first week of school, my boyfriend and I broke up. :( It was sad, but it needed to happen and hopefully we’ll be able to be friends! Ask me if you want more details… I don’t feel like writing out the play by play in a blog post :).

That weekend though, I got to fly home to take middle schoolers from my home church to Forest Home!!! Forest Home is one of my favorite places ever… it’s a camp that I went to a few times as a kid and like 10+ times as a leader! It’s such an incredible place…. ahh it was so fun to be able to fly home for the weekend to go! *Thanks momma for buying me the plane tickets!! :)* So yeah it was soo great taking those kids up there, we had such a great group! I met some of the kids in our group for the first time that weekend, and saw others who I’ve known since they were in Kindergarten!! Super fun :). AND I got to see some of the staff members at Foho who I’ve known for years now, as well as meet new staff members! And that weekend was literally just what I needed after my breakup… I found so much peace about our relationship ending from just being away from school and with God! It was literally an incredible weekend :). And I got to fit in some time seeing friends at home in between going to and coming back from camp, which was so nice! The day I got back from camp, I totes played basketball with some of my guy friends… SO fun!! :) Oh but then the flight back to Boulder was maybe the worst flight I’ve ever had. I forgot my computer charger at home, and my phone charger in my suitcase, so my phone was at 5% and my computer was on 20% by the time I boarded. I watched Bring It On until my computer died (so about 20 min or less), and then was left with no technology. And I wasn’t even sitting next to someone fun! So I just sat there… tried to read, tried to do Sodoku, tried to the crossword puzzles… and failed at all of them. I tried to sleep too… and got maybe 20 min in. But then we finally landed, and I was able to reach Hannah and Alyssa with my 4% iPhone… so it all worked out :).

The rest of January was great… if I had to use one word to describe it, I would choose bliss :). I continued loving my classes, the Annex started up again, and I got back into the swing of things with RA stuff! There was this one night where our hall put on an ice cream sundae/karaoke event… it was literally SO much fun!! I made the most perfect ice cream sundae I’ve ever made in my life, sang glee karaoke songs, and then watched the little mermaid AND brave later that night!! So great. We had a few basketball games at home, which is always a pleasure, and then…. I discovered my second favorite place in all of Colorado (my first is obviously the grizzly rose)!! Get this…. it’s a sushi bar that does karaoke every sat night!!!!! Amalia and I and a bunch of her friends went last saturday… it was SOOO much fun!!! We’re going again tonight… and next sat…. I just can’t get enough!!


Oh and last sunday, I told the Bible story to my kindergarden sunday school class!! It was soo much fun, I absolutely love helping with sunday school!! Oh AND I just started leading a freshman girls bible study!! How fun is that?! We’ve only had one meeting so far, but I am soo excited to spend this semester with them!!

Unfortunately, this month ended with me being sick :(. But luckily, it was just a cold (which is super rare for me, usually it turns into bronchitis or walking pneumonia or something) AND I think I’m better now (also rare for me, usually it lasts like 3 weeks or more). So boo for being sick, but yay for being better :). 

Alright that’s it for this month! Thanks for reading if ya did :)


December- It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December might be my favorite month of the year. Since moving to Colorado, I have gained a new appreciation for winter; seeing snow-laden rooftops is just too beautiful to not love. I’ve also gained an appreciation for winter break- the opportunity to go home and be reunited with loved ones for a few weeks. And Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, so all the activities that surround it throughout the month just add to the happiness. I also notice a change in people’s behavior throughout the month of December each year, a change that brings joy to my heart. Call me naïve, but it seems to me that people are more warm, generous, and kind during this season. More smiles are given, the phrase “Merry Christmas” is exchanged between strangers, and stores are filled with people making purchases for others rather than themselves. Yet I think my absolute favorite thing about December is the constant celebration of Christ’s birth. Songs such as Joy to the World and Silent Night are played on the radio, churches celebrate weeks leading up to Christmas through advent, and people seem less hesitant to share their faith with others. There’s something so special to me about seeing God glorified the Christmas season. Though I’ve had some pretty rough Christmases, I don’t think I’ve ever looked back on the month of December without a smile coming to my face.

Well now that I’m done with my cliché description of “the most wonderful time of the year”, I guess I’ll share some specifics of what December had in store for me this year! The month began with Christmas celebration with friends- I went over to Bri’s house on the 1st to help her and her roommates decorate their Christmas tree while watching Elf! I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my favorite month.

Then came Christmas on 16th Street, an event through my church here in Boulder that I had been anticipating for months. Christmas on 16th Street is the Annex’s annual Christmas concert, composed of musical performances by college students. The entire place was covered in Christmas spirit- giant Christmas trees, presents (fake, but in pretty wrapping paper), wreaths, bows, sugar cookies, hot chocolate, and lots and lots of red. Everyone dressed up and took pictures, which is one of my favorite things to do, and the performances were incredible. I brought with me some of my residents, and it was so fun to share this event that I was so excited about with them! I can’t wait for next year.

Next was a very spontaneous act for me, I decided to get second ear piercings! I went with two of my residents who I’ve become good friends with, Alyssa and Hannah! I was super nervous about it, because I hate pain, but I didn’t even cry! It hurt, but not nearly as much as I expected it to. It was totally worth it, I am very happy with the new changes I made to my body! Alyssa got her nose pierced… she’s much braver than I am. The next change might be piercing the upper cartilage of my ear… if I can ever suck it up and get myself to deal with the pain that will come along.

The middle of the month was filled with some studying, time with friends, and Christmas parties! The Annex leadership group at a Christmas party, which was really fun! I’m so excited about how involved I’ve gotten with the Annex this year, and can’t wait to become even more involved over this next semester! Unfortunately, I had to miss the white elephant gift exchange at this party because I had a concert to go to! Hannah, Alyssa, Brendan (another resident in Buck), and I went to see the Punch Brothers! I had never heard of them before, but Alyssa told me they were a really talented group of blue grass/folk musicians! Boy was she right, they were incredible! A few nights later, I had my first final- the final for my voice class. Because it was an elective singing course, the final was singing in front of about 20 students and professors… scary right?! I was soo nervous… but I ended up doing well and was proud of my performance! That night, I had dinner with my core group as an end of the semester celebration! It was so fun to spend time with them and have delicious food at a fancy restaurant! The next holiday party was in Buckingham, an event that I and the other RAs planned and put on! It was so fun coming up with ideas for activities and desserts, and then executing those ideas. The party was a fun celebration before finals, but ended with the start of 24-hour quiet hours, which always cues us students to get serious about studying.

The Punch Brothers!


My singing final! I sang “When Christmas Comes to Town” :)

Buck’s Holiday Party!

So, I spent that week studying for my few finals (I got lucky this semester, only having two real finals), and getting some playtime in too, as I always seem to fit in. My finals went really well, and I was very pleased with my grades! Right after my last class of the semester, however, I found out about the Newtown shooting and was devastated. I found myself so upset about what the world has come to… I could write a whole blog post about my reaction, but I’d rather not revisit those emotions. As I sat in my room, crying, I received a text about a group prayer time at a field in the middle of campus. I forwarded the text to as many people as I could think of, and headed over with two fellow RAs. It was so incredible to see so many students come together to pray for Newtown… I can’t describe how much I felt God’s presence there. All I can say is that God does bring good out of evil… and that I find myself becoming more strong in the belief that He is both perfect and in control every day.

As my finals came to an end, the rest of my time at CU was filled with fun activities! Midnight breakfast, sledding, movies, it was a perfect way to unwind from a busy semester. Then came two all nighters in a row (graveyard shifts contributed to this decision), followed by my long-anticipated flight home!


I arrived at the San Diego airport with Megan waiting for me, she got to go home before me because she didn’t have the obligation that us RAs do of staying until all the residents leave. We spent my first afternoon home shopping, and then met up with my mom for lunch! That night, we had a family spaggetti dinner, and then I went to an annual white elephant gift exchange. Later that night, I was reunited with some of my closest friends. *Sigh*, it was a good first day home. The rest of my break consisted of lots of time with friends, seeing the Nutcracker, and seeing all (for the first time in years) of my relatives on my mom’s side of the family! It was so fun to spend Christmas with them this year, especially to be reunited with all my cousins!

Reunited with friends!

Christmas with the cousins :)

After Christmas, I visited Bri in LA, which is becoming a winter break tradition for us! We originally planned on going to Disneyland, like we did FOUR times together last year, but we decided against it because we were worried about crowds and ended up just relaxing and haning out with Bri’s family. Oh and the first night I arrived, we went line dancing! It was soo much fun- the highlight was definitely line dancing to NSync.

And then came New Years Eve. So New Years Eve has slowly become a holiday that I do not count as a favorite…. It just seems so ovverated now a days, you know? I had fun I guess, but there was more drama than there needed to be, and I only got a few hours of sleep on an uncomfortable couch because my mom was worried about drunk drivers (as she has the right to be). I won’t go into too much detail about that night… but it was fun to reflect on last year and look ahead with excitement to this new year!

Post New Years Eve Dinner with Em! :)

Well, long as always, but if you know me I’m sure you’re not shocked J. Thanks for reading if you did,


November: A Month of Thankfulness

Sunshine. Music. Glitter. Bows. Children. Laughter. Pink things. Pictures. Sports. Chapstick. Jewelry. Perfume. Long hair. Pinterest. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Movies. Tv Shows. Trees. Snow. Rain. Flowers. The ocean. Chai tea lattes. Animals. Ice cream. Cookies. Pumpkin pie. Candy. Bikes. Cars. Airplanes. Skype. Church. Notes. Stickers. Seasons. Advice. Words. Weddings. Birthdays. Teddy bears. Footie Pajamas. Heels. Rainboots. Frozen Yogurt. Mac n cheese. Arnold Palmers. Pink Rockstars. iPhones. Firemen. Professors. Doctors. Policemen. Bus Drivers. Restaurants. Malls. Parks. Jacuzzis. Iceskating rinks. Classes. Karaoke. All nighters. The Radio. Concerts. Dancing. Dresses. Hot Chocolate. Sushi. Pasta. Makeup. Hot showers. Comfy blankets. Water bottles that are fun to drink out of. Smiles. Road trips. Spontaneity. Lotion. Trust. Bathing suits. Heart shaped things. Missionaries. Disney (disneyland, disney quotes, disney stores, disney movies, disney music…). Actors. The government. Ponds. Snail mail. Libraries. Sticky notes. Love. The relationship I have with Jesus. My boyfriend. My family. My friends. My mentors. The people in my life that are like family. The kids I babysit. My 5 year old Sunday School class. My ability to speak. My positivity. My self confidence. My ability to learn. My youthful spirit. My patient, supportive, and loving mother. The friendship I share with my sister. My high school. My university. Ralphie. The opportunity I have to be an RA. LJPC. The Annex. The Bible. My 5 girls. Taylor Swift. My work ethic. My friends and loved ones in other countries. The opportunity I had to live in Australia. Irish Dancing. My two dogs. My cat. Babies. Presents. My travels. Cowgirl boots. The Grizzly Rose. My health. Hugs. Kisses. Cuddling. iPhone cases (aka my otter box). Basketball games. Sight. Sounds. Motivational speakers. My ability to vote. Freedom. Turquoise things. Smoke detectors. The military. Hookah. High Jumping. The Olympics. My innocence. Princess stuff. Fairytales. Singing. Instruments. Counselors. Who God is. Emotions. Sunglasses. Desserts. Casinos. Red lipstick. Cameras. Grass. Headphones. Books. Belts. Lights. The moon. Stars. Mountains. The sun. Faith. MY LIFE. 

I thought I’d start this month’s blog post with a list of things I’m thankful for! I’m sure there are many more things I’m thankful for, but that’s just a little list of what comes to mind right away :). So this month was really fun, and went by super fast, as they all seem to. If you read last month’s blog, you’ll probably be able to guess how this month started for me….

SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!!! After going an entire month without it, I was allowed to have it once more! Sadly, my tolerance for sugar had gone down a ton! But, I slowly built it back up throughout the month, and am now back to being able to consume large amounts of sugar without being sick! It’s been soo great having sugar again, but I do limit myself every once and a while now! So yes, I learned something from my sugar-less month! :)

The first weekend of November, I went on a leadership retreat with the Annex! It was soo much fun!! I didn’t really know anyone that well, but was able to really get to know people over this weekend! We just hung out at this super nice cabin for the weekend, it was so nice not having an agenda! We spent a lot of time playing this super fun ping pong game called around the world, spent quite a few hours in the jacuzzi, and played football one of the afternoons! It was soo great. :)

Next was ELECTION DAY! This was a very exciting day for me because it was my first time voting!! It also brought up a lot of opinions toward this election and our country’s politics in general (see my blog post titled “My thoughts on the election”). But overall, it was very exciting casting my first vote! 


Then came the ROTC US Navy and Marine Ball!!! Ahhh it was SUCH a fun night!!! I got to get all dressed up in a floor length gown, and Mikey wore his dress blues, and it was at a really nice hotel in Denver! The dinner was super fancy, and there was a special ceremony and guest speaker, it was awesome! Unfortunately, there didn’t end up being any dancing. But, it was still super fun!! The most fun part was definitely taking pictures :).

The middle of November was filled with the usual school/church/RA stuff…. but then came Thanksgiving break! The day before break started, Megan and I had a sissy day because she was going home for the week and I wasn’t! So, we rented bike, rode down to Pearl Street and had breakfast (lunch, really), rode our bikes around a bit more, and then went to Cheyenne Arapahoe (the hall megan lives in) to do laundry and play pool! We had a little scare that day… long story short, the pool table is in the basement of her hall and we accidentally let this creeper guy into the hall behind us and we’re pretty sure he followed us to the basement! So, being us, when we got to the basement and saw the guy coming behind us, we dropped everything and ran back up to the front desk! Then, eventually, we decided to be brave and go back down. The creeper guy was gone, and we played pool and listened to music! I won both games :). Then we headed to Buck and began our all-nighter activities! See, Megan had to leave for the airport at like 4:30am, and she was scared she’d sleep in if she went to bed. So, solution: we didn’t go to bed! (you’ll see as you continue reading that I pulled quite a few all-nighters this month). Anyway, we ordered sandwiches, watched movies, and played board games! Then at 3am we had a little fiasco because we couldn’t find my room key and megan’s luggage was in my room… we searched everywhere for like 20min only to find out that megan had it the whole time!! ugh. So then megan showered and got ready, and I struggled to stay awake, then her shuttle was late (ugh again!), and then she finally went off to the airport and I went to sleep.

The following week consisted of me being all alone in Buckingham! Ok, not all alone… a few residents and other RA’s were here too, along with the family that I adore that lives in buck :). So my Thanksgiving break consisted of lots of sleep, lots of tv/movie watching, some schoolwork, and a social interaction here and there :). I got to spend some time with my friend Lance (who’s also an RA in buck) which was fun… we had lunch at the most boulder-esque restaurant ever and watched the aristocrats!! And I made Christmas decorations for my floor, so that was fun! And I tried cooking dinner one of the nights…but that didn’t work out so well, so I stuck to mac n cheese, toast, and tuna for most of the week :). 


Then for Thanksgiving day, I spent it with Orly (the teacher that lives in Buck) and her family! They had a big feast with their family friends and the other RA’s/residents that were here! It was soo nice of them and made for a very nice first thanksgiving away from my family! :)


Me and Sarah, Orly’s 4 year old daughter! :)

The next day, Megan came back to Boulder and we had a “kick off the Christmas season” sissy day! We went ice skating, and then to target and got christmas cookies and eggnog, and then to buck to watch Christmas movies and eat our cookies! It was soo much fun :).


Then came the first (official) home basketball game!! Sooo glad basketball season has started… I love this time of year!!! 



Then came the last week of November- a VERY stressful week!! I had two tests, a 10 page paper, and a presentation due within 5 days! And, instead of spending every moment of free time studying and writing, I made some decisions like going to a basketball game (we got a picture with CHIP! See above) and hanging out with people. Some could say those were poor decisions… but hey, I’m in college!! Needless to say, these decisions resulted in a very poor sleep schedule for the week! I pulled TWO all nighters… and didn’t sleep for over 36 hours each time! Both all nighters involved me wearing my onesies, and one of the nights involved me dancing on tables… pictures below :). It was crazy, but I did everything I needed to! I’m pretty sure I did well on the tests, I wrote a solid paper, and gave a killer presentation! It all worked out :). But, I learned that having that kind of a sleep schedule is really bad and that my body can only take so much… so I’ll be careful not to push my limits as much in the future :). Also within this stressful week, I had my first big program! It was called Music Mania, and was a karaoke/music swapping night! Basically, people could either watch karaoke, or make each other mixed cd’s! It was so much fun… but I think the RA’s (aka Amalia and I) had the most fun with the karaoke :). Pictures for that are below as well!



So on the very last day of November, something REALLY exciting happened!! K so basically…. I lived in Australia for two years, my family moved there when I was in 4th grade. We lived in Melbourne, and one of our favorite family activities was to take the train to see Aussie Rules Football games! The team we’d watch/cheer for was called the St Kilda Saints. So, my friend Kelsey and I were getting lunch at the c4c (CU’s main dining hall), and we saw a bunch of muscular men in sports uniforms! We both noticed right away since there were so many of them, and wondered where they were from (we assumed somewhere in the US, rugby players maybe). Well, as I was walking around getting food, I saw the back of one of their jerseys: “St Kilda Saints”. I couldn’t believe my eyes… I asked one of them if they were from Melbourne, Australia and they said YES! They were here for training camp… HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Like of all places, they came to CU to train. What a small world. I took a picture with two of them… I just had to!!


Alright that’s it for this month! Thanks for reading if ya did, this month was a long one!!


Taylor Swift vs Joe Jonas SONG WAR!!


So I was talking with my friend Amalia were talking about Taylor Swift (because I’m writing a 10 page paper on her, it’s due at noon tomorrow, I’m only 4 pages in… minor details). Anyway, we got on the topic of who all she’s dated as far as celebrities go (it’s hard to keep track!). So, I opened my iTunes because I can often remember by looking at her songs because she’s written at least one song about every celebrity she’s dated. So I got to the song “Forever and Always” and mentioned it to Amalia, and it started a whole realization about a musical war that happened between Tswift, Camilla Belle, and Joe Jonas! ***DISCLAIMER: this all happened YEARS ago! I just realized it all just now, though**

Ok so Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas dated. Then he recorded a music video for the song “Love Bug”, and met Camilla Belle whom he late cheated on Taylor with. And then he broke up with Tay on the phone! So, naturally, she wrote a song about it, “Forever and Always”! But I already knew about that. I also already knew, but you might not, that she wrote a song called “Better than Revenge” about Camilla Belle. The song is pretty mean, not gonna lie. Some of the lyrics are “she’s not a saint no she’s not what you think she’s an actress, she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” and “soon you’re gonna find stealing people’s toys on the playground won’t make you many friends” and “I’m just another thing for you to roll you’re eyes at honey, but haven’t you heard I always get the last word”. Mean stuff right? But she has a right to be mad… the girl stole her man from her!! 

What I didn’t know is that Joe Jonas wrote a song back to “Forever and Always”!! Just a few weeks after she released that song, the Jonas Brothers released a song called “Much Better” which is about how Camilla Belle is better than Taylor Swift!! Lyircs for this one include “get a rep for breaking hearts, I’m done with superstars, and all the tears on her guitar, I’m not bitter” (in case you didn’t know, one of Taylor Swift’s hits is “Teardrops on My Guitar!!). Also, Joe Jonas sings “Now I see everything I’d ever need is the girl in front of me, she’s much better”. Like what?! It’s so obvious that he’s saying that Camilla Belle is better than Taylor Swift! But my personal favorite part of this song is “Now I’ve got some enemies, and they’re all friends suddenly, BFF’s eternally but I’m not bitter”. The story behind that is Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato both had things with Joe Jonas, and both became really good friends with Taylor Swift after her and Joe broke up! Hilarious right?! 

Ok so as if that wasn’t enough, after knowing that, I realized that Taylor Swift literally references Joe’s song in Better Than Revenge!! (Which was released a few years after jonas’ song). At the end of her song, Taylor says “Let’s hear the applause, cmon show me how much better you are, see you deserve some applause, ‘cause you’re so much better”. Not only does she reference Joe’s song, but she makes fun of it too!! She sarcastically says Camille is better than her! SOO GREAT… you go Tswift!!!

Ok moral of the story- that’s crazy that there was a little war between Joe and Tay over 3 SONGS!! Sooo cray. Oh and of course the main moral of the story is that I love Taylor Swift and think she’s great!! K that’s all. Now back to writing my essay… I have two hours to write 4-6 pages. Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading if ya did,


she’s TWO YEARS old…. cutest thing ever!!! 

October- month without sugar!

Yes, I went all of October without eating sugar!! For those of you that know me well, I’m sure that this comes as a shock to you. Why on earth would I do such a terrible thing to myself? Well, allow me to start this month’s blog post with an explanation.

At the end of September, literally the last day, I came home from Target with a bunch of candy that I had gotten to give to my residents throughout the month of October! Two of my co-staff members (and good friends) happened to be at the front desk as I walked by, and we got into a conversation about what I had purchased at Target. One of them made a snarky remark about how my residents probably wouldn’t get any candy because I’d eat it all before they had a chance… and this got me worked up enough to claim that I could go a whole month without sugar if I wanted to. And thus, a bet was created. Jack, one of the two guys I made the bet with, wrote up a whole contract and everything! (picture below). As I told people about this bet, I frequently got asked the same question: “why are you putting yourself through this?!” The answer: because I hate when people don’t believe in me. I needed to prove to Lance and Jack that I could do this, and sure enough, I did!! So yeah, that’s the premise to how  I spent the whole month of October without sugar.

Ok. With that aside…. October began really well!! The first weekend of October, two of my fave residents, Alyssa and Hannah, helped me clean my room! If you know me well, you know that no matter where I am, my room tends to get messy, fast. So, cleaning my room with Hannah and Alyssa was a full day event. We completely cleaned, organized, and re-arranged furniture! It was awesome.

*Side story: that same day, the fire alarm in Buckingham went off because a few residents attempted (and failed) to cook bacon! I was in my onesies cleaning my room, and had to go and yell at residents who weren’t leaving the building with the fire alarm going off! As you could imagine, it was very confusing for residents to see their RA yell at them in footie pi’s.* 

The beginning of October also came with news of good grades! I had lots of tests toward the end of september, and found out in early october that I got A’s and high B’s on most of them! It was soo exciting… I’ve been doing really well, academically, so far this year!

The second weekend of October, I went on a women’s retreat with First Pres, the church here in Boulder that I’ve started to get involved in! I signed up for the retreat blindly, I didn’t know ANYONE who was going! But, a few days before we left, I met Kelsey (an intern for the college ministry at FPC) and ended up rooming with her and one of her best friends! It was SUCH an awesome weekend!! I met so many incredible women (of all ages!!), heard an amazing speaker, and found ways to get involved with FPC! I connected with the director of children’s ministry and became a sunday school leader for a kindergarten class as a result (it is SO much fun!), and I joined a core group and the leadership team with the Annex (the college ministry) through meeting Kelsey! I left not knowing anyone and barely connected to the church at all, and came back with all kinds of connections :). And, aside from all that, I grew SO much that weekend! The speaker was soo incredible, and my faith was challenged a ton! But in a good way… ahh it was just such a great weekend!! 

The next big event of October was that I got pied!! We, as the staff, did a mock election in Buckingham to provide an example of how the electoral college works… we chose 5 candidates (staff members), put a box at the front desk, and let the residents vote for who they wanted to see pied! And, surprise surprise, I won. Haha it was kinda fun getting pied… even though I got whip cream in my ears and up my nose. The worst part of it, though, was having to be super careful to not eat any of it because of the sugar bet!!

After coming back from the Women’s retreat, I decided to join Kelsey’s core group! I absolutely love all the girls in it and instantly felt comfortable with them! It’s been so great getting so involved in the Annex… but more on that in next month’s post :).

October had quite a few tests, which meant that quite a few study sessions were had! My proudest study session was on a Saturday before two midterms that upcoming monday. I went to the C4C, a dining hall on campus, and sat there and studied from 1:30-10:30pm!! I felt so studious, (studying for that long is very new to me), and I ended up getting a 95 on the bio exam I had that Monday! Wahooo!

October 21, 2012 marked a very important night- the night I got to see TIMEFLIES live!! My best friend Bri and I had been waiting for that night for SO long… and it was completely worth it!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Timeflies- allow me to educate you. Timeflies is a duo of two guys named Cal and Rez who started recording tracks together about two years ago. Their fame originated with their “Timeflies Tuesdays”, which was basically where Cal and Rez would choose a song and put their own spin on it (often adding a freestyle rap) and put it on youtube every tuesday. My favorite, and their most popular, was “Under the Sea” (look it up!!!). But anyway, Cal is REALLY attractive… to say the least. Bri, my sister Megan, friend Amy, and I were in the very front of the stage… and Cal held my hand and sang to me multiple times! It was soo great. Sigh. What a night. 

That night, I got home from the concert and had to work til 4am (a quite often occurrence). But what made this shift soo great was that Taylor Swift had released her new album, RED, at midnight!! So, I bought the album on iTunes and as I attempted to study for a midterm I had the next day, I listened to it on repeat for 3 hours! It was great. Taylor Swift is great. That album is great. But seriously, RED is her best album yet, in my opinion. I’m still obsessed and its mid november now… I’ll be obsessed with it forever. Gosh I love Taylor Swift. 

As if seeing Timeflies and Taylor Swift weren’t exciting enough… Boulder had its first (real) snow just a few days later! It began snowing on a Wednesday night, and continued to snow on and off through the next day! I got to play in the snow with Sarah, the 4 year old that lives in my hall… which was soo fun! And I just love the snow… it makes everything look so beautiful! Bring it on, winter, I’m ready for ya!

And then, just as quickly as it came, the snow melted away. That weekend, my parents came to visit! It was a kind of hectic weekend, since it was halloween weekend, but it was good to see my mom and dad! We went out to breakfast on Saturday morning, spent the afternoon shopping with my mom, went out to dinner that night, and then had one last meal together on Sunday morning! It was so fun to catch up and spend time with them.

That same weekend, I was spending every moment I wasn’t with my parents and sister running around like crazy! I went to my friend Bri’s house on friday night which was really fun because a lot of my friends from last year were there! Then on Saturday I helped with a haunted house that a student group I’m involved in put on! I spent part of the afternoon helping everyone get set up, and then spent the entire night working in it! It was my first time working or going to a haunted house (well, let’s be real, I didn’t go in it because I was too scared!!) I just gave people the little intro speech with the rules and such. But I was dressed up as a dead baby.. I was freaking scary! Like you maybe don’t believe me now, but you should have seen me! I talked in a scary baby voice, people were definitely freaked out!! 

Bri and I at her house! :)

haunted house… see how scary I looked?!

Then came actual halloween! I wasn’t planning on doing anything at first, but then a few of my residents knocked on my door and told me to get dressed up and go to pearl street with them! So, I did :). We dressed up as Charlies’ Angels! Pearl Street was CRAZY that night… there were people everywhere and in crazy costumes! We just walked around for a bit and then had an appetizer at the cheesecake factory! It was a fun halloween :).

Then, at midnight that night (technically nov 1st, but whatvsies), I was allowed to have sugar again!! It was soo exciting… except for when I realized I lost my sugar tolerance! :( I had half a cupcake, a bite of a cookie, and a small candy… and felt super sick! It was so sad. But, don’t you fret, I’ll talk about how I regained my tolerance in my november blog post!

Well, that’s October!! Thanks for reading if you did!


Thoughts on the election.

Ok so I know I haven’t uploaded my October post yet (I’m almost done writing it!), but I couldn’t resist writing a post about this election. I’m sorry if I offend anyone with what I write, I’m going to try not to, but here are my thoughts.

First of all, this was a very exciting election for me because it was the first one in which I voted! As I voted for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly thankful to live in a country where I have this right. Many are denied the right to vote, but even in some countries that have voting, women are denied the right that men have. Yet in America, all citizens over the age of 18 have the right to vote. Praise God! I am so thankful to know what it feels like to cast a vote for who I want to see lead our nation, and my heart goes out to all who won’t ever experience this privilege. 

Over the past few months, it was impossible to overlook all of the negative comments about each candidate. Whether it was on Facebook, twitter, tv, through phone calls, or in person, it seemed as though I could not get away from insults toward one candidate/party or another. This upset me so much! Haven’t these people ever heard the phrase “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”? What effect did they think their negative talk would have? It definitely turned me away from their opinion… and I’m sure others would agree. 

What upset me even more than seeing the negative commentary before the election was seeing the negative feedback AFTER the election! Like really people?! One of my close friends tweeted “throwing up at Obamas face”. Another posted a Facebook status that said ”I assume Obama supporters will be up partying all night since they don’t have a job to be at tomorrow.” And another, possibly the one that ticked me off the most, posted a status that said “Suddenly the thought of the ‘World Ending’ in December doesn’t sound so bad…”. Like really guys?! We are Americans no matter what, and should all be united by that fact. It’s crap like this that was what worried our founding fathers in the very beginning… they feared that political parties would divide our country. If they were here today, I’d imagine they would tell us that they told us so

To people who hoped that Romney would win… do me a favor and take a deep breath. America will not be in ruins come 2016. Our nation is not ruled by tyranny (thank God), but by a system of checks and balances. So, even if you believe that Obama is going to make changes to our nation that will lead to its destruction, remember that he has to have senate and house agree with him for anything to pass. On that note, Obama was a candidate in this election for a reason. Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself: “Hmm, maybe, if the majority of the country voted for this person to be President, we’ll be alright for the next four years!" For the sake of having hope in humanity, I’m going to assume that there are voters out there who are wiser and have more insight about who should rule our country than college students who ignorantly tweet and post things on Facebook. Some of my college-aged (and younger) friends have been tweeting and facebooking as if they’re smarter/more qualified than Obama! Here’s me telling you all that you’re not. Sorry to break it to you, but it’s true!! And whether you like it or not, Obama will be the president of our nation for the next four years. No amount of complaints will change that, so you might as well not complain! Let’s just remember that we are all Americans… united we stand, divided we fall. Remember that thing called the Pledge of Allegiance we used to say every day in elementary school? We’re supposed to be “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

I can’t finish this post without commenting on the campaign people that have inconvenienced my life greatly for months. Countless number of phone calls, people around every corner on campus… and today I had to have the police called on a woman who was illegally in my residence hall, yelling at residents to vote! I understand and appreciate that these people are so passionate about this election, but this passion does not give them reason to infringe upon people’s rights to privacy. Within the past week, I’ve gotten multiple calls a day from campaign people! And today when I was in a rush to class, some guy tried to stop me even after I told him I was in a hurry! This pestering from them tempted me to vote the opposite of who I wanted to vote for just because they supported this candidate as well! I’m so glad this election is over for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that I won’t have to deal with obnoxious campaign workers anymore.

Also, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I read Facebook posts and tweets about the election by friends who had never shown any interest or knowledge in politics before a month or two ago! So many people posted about one candidate or the other, yet so many people had no clue what they were talking about. A twelve year old that I’m Facebook friends with posted a status putting down Obama… a TWELVE year old! She has another 6 years til she can vote, and I guarantee she has no idea about either candidate beyond what her parents tell her. And mind you, my college friends haven’t been much better! Even I know, as a 19 year old, that you can’t expect to be fully educated on any matter within limited time and limited sources (i.e. parents’ opinions, three presidential debates, and biased news stations). I completely respect my friends who have been following politics for years, and 100% think they deserve to voice their opinions (maybe not on social media, but to each his own). In my opinion, everyone else, especially those who blindly take their parents opinions on as their own and are then offensive in voicing them, should keep their opinions to themselves. As much as I was tempted to post political opinions on twitter or Facebook, I held myself back because I am fully aware that I am not educated on the matter enough to know exactly what I’m talking about. If other people thought this way as well, maybe there wouldn’t be Facebook statuses and tweets that make the assumption that all democrats don’t work, or that all republicans are rich and greedy. It’s ignorant, uneducated assumptions like these that I have seen way too often recently and that drive me crazy.

Now for a thought on America as a country and society. I love America, and know that I am extremely blessed and privileged to call myself an American. But, Romney stated in one of the presidential debates that “this country is the hope of the Earth”, and I can’t help but disagree. It has been estimated that $6 billion has been spent on the presidential, senate, and house elections. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that political elections are worth 6 billion dollars. And today in one of my classes there was a presentation on the LRA and Invisible Children… it broke my heart. There are so many things going wrong in both America and the World… things that we could help make right if we used some of our attention and say, $6 billion. We get so caught up in the presidential election every four years that we forget that there are more important things in this world. Yes, America is a great country. But it’s not the best, and does not deserve to be called the hope of this Earth. I know that this is a generalization, but it seems as though Americans, as a whole, act as if they sit on the top of the world. This, in my opinion, is a huge reason why other nations have such negative feelings toward us! Every now and then we need to take a deep breath and humble ourselves, and realize that there are more important things in life than an election that will result in someone leading our country for four years. 

My last thought is on my religion. As I watched Americans freak out over who won/lost the election tonight, I became full of joy upon thinking of the fact that I believe in a God who is sovereign no matter who the president of America is. And this God of mine is all knowing, perfect, righteous, and loving! What great news… that our nation will be under the sovereignty of this God no matter who the president is. As I tweeted earlier tonight, presidents come and go, but Jesus is the everlasting ruler! To Him be the glory. ‎”The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all.” Psalm 103:19 

Alright. That’s it from me. Thanks for reading if you did, and please post comments if you have opinions on anything I’ve said! October update coming soon!

Love always,


The long awaited “I voted” instagram pic! :)

September- Into the Swing of Things

Can’t believe September’s gone… time is flying fast, as it always seems to do!! As I was preparing the pictures for this blog post, I realized I don’t have a lot of pictures this month and got really sad! I need to get better at remembering to take pictures! Anyway, this month was full of football games, classes, and meetings! It felt more like the start of the school year than the second half of August did. Aside from classes and meetings, a few super fun things happened that I’m excited to write about! So, here we go- a recap of September!

September 1 was the first football game of the season, against our rival CSU! This was a very special game for two reasons: 1) it was megan’s first game! 2) Emily was in town still! Megan and her roommate went with Emily, Bri and I! Our game against CSU is always at the mile high stadium, so we went down to Denver to that huge stadium! As exciting as all that was, it was a really sad game because we lost for the first time in years!! CU usually has no trouble beating CSU, and this time they beat us quite easily! It was sad, but still fun :)

the football game!

The next day, Emily and I went to Boulder creek to hang out with bri, her roommate and her boyfriend and his roommates (complicated I know), my friend Issaac, and Mike! The weather that day was disappointing, but it was still fun to hang out! That night, Emily and I decided to go to the Grizzly Rose again because we had so much fun on Thursday night! It wasn’t as fun as thursday, we got there super late and there were high schoolers everywhere! I know that sounds lame because I’m not even two years out of high school, but just trust me that seeing a bunch of high schoolers grind with each other (and older men) is not a fun time. But, Emily and I have fun wherever we are, so we made the best of it :).

On our way home, I got my first ticket!! It was soo sad. I got off the freeway and accidentally turned the wrong way, so I needed to u-turn and decided to do it at an intersection that said no u-turns. Now, in case you don’t know this about me, I rarely ever break rules! I am a total believer in rules existing for a reason, especially when it comes to driving! But, it was like 2am, and I made sure it was completely clear and safe, and thought I wouldn’t get caught. Bad decision on my part, ay? To my surprise, there was a police car parked in the parking lot right next to the intersection where I committed my crime. I saw sirens behind me and my heart sank. When the policeman approached my car, I was  extremely polite and regretful about my decision. He asked if I had been drinking and when I responded no, he didn’t believe me!! (In case you don’t understand the irony, I’ve never been drunk nor do I ever drink). He asked for my license, and I told him that I had never gotten a ticket before and never break the law, but he took my license and went back to his car and stayed there for what seemed like eternity. I started crying, and by the time he came back to my car I could barely speak. Even then he persisted in giving me a ticket!! I was even more upset by this because I thought to myself “I’m a girl, and I’m crying… I’m supposed to get out of this ticket!!” Anyway, wrapping up this unnecessarily long story, the ticket was for $125. So sad. But I learned a valuable lesson, and understand that I deserved it! Go me right? :)

Ok, so we’re at September 2nd… we’ve got a long way to go still haha. But don’t worry, the rest of this month’s description should be much shorter than the beginning! So I forget which day this was, but one Saterday morning in the beginning of september, I woke up to freshly cooked pancakes from three of my residents! It was soo sweet of them :). Also somewhere in the beginning of september, I held my first floor program! I decided that on the first Wednesday of every month, I would bake something yummy and gather up all my chick flicks for a girls night with my floor! The first one went pretty well, but a lot of girls didn’t come because of hw and stuff, especially since they were in their first few weeks of college!! But we watched She’s the Man… what a GREAT movie. :)

Heading toward the middle of the month, some girls on my floor and I went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! It was so fun to dress up and bond over yummy food!! One of my residents has pictures of all of us, but I can’t figure out which one it is! It was a cute picture too :(.

So the in-between parts of September were filled with class and meetings… first of all, I just want to say that I LOVE my schedule this semester! All my classes are really interesting and at good times! I also love all my meetings (you don’t hear that from the typical person huh?)! This year, I am on the Programming Board for CU’s Resident Hall Association, I’m the RA Residential Hall Association liaison for Buckingham, and I’m the sustainability liaison for Buckingham! So on top of those three meetings per week (well,  one’s only every other week), I also have staff meeting with buckingham every week too! So, I have a meeting on mondays, every other tuesday, and two on wednesdays! But I love all of the meetings; they’re definitely worth my time. 

On September 18, I had the privilege of leading a flashmob in the main dining hall of CU! It was SO awesome :). Stefan, my friend that I met through RHA, contacted me over the summer and asked me to organize a flashmob! I got to choose the music, choreograph the dance, and hold all the practices! It was so much fun and turned out really well!

not a huge group, but still caught a lot of people’s attention!! :)

Then came unplugged weekend: a weekend free of media! Buckingham does this weekend every year so that students can learn what affect media has on society today. I did this weekend last year and it was such a cool experience! So, I did it again this year and encouraged others to do it with me! The hardest part about that weekend was not listening to music! I was fine without my phone and Facebook and all that (surprisingly), but it was so hard to not listen to music!! I eventually cave and listened to my iTunes for a little bit. Anyway, during unplugged weekend, Hannah, Alyssa, and I went to flatirons mall! Hannah and Alyssa are two residents that I hang out with quite a bit! Keep that in mind for my other blog posts :). At the mall, Hannah got her ears pierced (the second piercing) and I made Mike his 6 month gift! (You’ll learn more about that later). I almost got my ears pierced with Hannah, but I didn’t have my license on me and the lady who worked at Claire’s had to see it! Bummer right? Maybe next time! OH!! And we had Chick-fil-A!! SOO yummy!!

the mall :)

On Sunday, September 23rd, Mike and I celebrated our 6 month! It was quite a big deal, 6 months is my longest relationship so far! Mike took me to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (fancy!), and I gave him Mini-Marine-Mike! So, for those of you who don’t know, Mike’s in the ROTC program for the Marine Corps here at CU! So, I went to build a bear workshop and made him a teddy bear and dressed him in a Marine uniform! I even got him camo boxers (the teddy bear, not mike!) and put a voice recording of me saying: “you’re the best boyfriend ever!) in his hand! I was so excited to give it to Mike, and seeing his face when he opened the box was absolutely priceless!! That was a very fun night :).

6 months with mikey :)

The next day, I had my first Bio exam! This was a big deal because I don’t like biology, and I don’t think I’m very good at it, but I’m striving for an A in that class! I studied really hard for that test, and ended up getting an 82% on it. I know, that’s a good score for someone who doesn’t like/isn’t good at bio! But, I really thought I knew everyone and felt like some of the questions were way more complicated than they needed to be! So that was frustrating. But oh well, that test could’ve gone a lot worse!

The day after that (lots of things happened in September!), my mom came to visit!! She just came for the day basically… she got in to Boulder around noon on tuesday, and left early on Wednesday morning! So I went to lunch with her and Megan (my sister), and we did some shopping and later had dinner, but that was it! Megan and my mom saw a concert that night (my mom’s whole reason for coming out). It was so fun to see my mom, but I wish it could’ve been for longer! This is one of the times in this month that I wish I would’ve taken pictures! Oh well.

The end of september (yes, we’re finally here!) brought Megan’s birthday!! That weekend was also parents weekend, so Buckingham had “pancakes with parents” that morning. The best part about it was that there was a xylophone band and they taught us RA’s how to play a song! It was soo fun! Right after that, I went and met up with Megan and treated her to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! We had a great time :). I can’t believe she’s 18 now! Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of Megan and I on her birthday, either! I totally failed at taking pictures this month! I did get some pictures from our xylophone sesh, though!

looks pretty fun, ay? :)

Oh! And a total random thing, not sure where in the month it fits in at all, but the end of September brought some rain! One day, Hannah and Alyssa and I put on our rain boots and went playing in the rain! It was so fun… we stomped in all the puddles like little kids! :)

So the very very end of September, the 30th, marks a very important day. Two of the other RA’s in Buck and I got into a little debate… and the result was a very serious bet! Long story short, I made a bet with these two guys that I wouldn’t eat any sweets for the entire month of october! I know, a lot of people who know me might doubt my ability to do this, but I have to prove those boys wrong! One of my pet peeves is when people don’t believe I can do something that I know I can! And if I succeed in this bet (which I will), I get to call these guys at any time of the day or night for an entire week and they have to bring me whatever sweets I want! I’m soo excited for that first week of November :). But you’ll get to hear all about my month without sugar in next month’s post! (Yay for cliffhangers) :)

the official contract… we had witnesses sign and everything! serious stuff. :)

Well, that’s it for this month! Thanks for reading if you did!



Chasing a dream.

Ok. So. I’m not sure how this post is going to come out…. there’s soo much to say and I am really energetic and excited right now! So things may be out of order, and some things might not make sense. But hey, at least I’m writing this and not talking it, right? (If I were, I’d be talking so fast you wouldn’t understand a single word).

So I should start with my love for Disney. There are people who love Disney, there are people who LOVE Disney, and then there’s me: completely in love with everything Disney. I have a disney princess coloring book that I color in every time I travel (as well as in my spare time), I listen to Disney soundtracks for fun, I’ve seen almost every Disney movie ever made (all but 2 or 3, I’m pretty sure), and I’ve been to Disneyland six times this year (since January). And that all only begins to explain my love for Disney. 

Some examples of my coloring :)

Anyway, I love Disneyland even more than I love Disney. Since I was raised in San Diego, I grew up going to Disneyland at least 2 or 3 times a year since I was about 5. I’m now 19 years old, and every visit is still just as magical as when I was little. People ask me how I can go so often (I went 4 times last summer) and not get sick of it…. I don’t see how anyone could ever get sick of Disneyland. I’d be happy to spend the entire day just walking through the park… I’d leave with a smile on my face even if I didn’t ride a single ride. I just love the ambiance! The scenery, the surroundings… the CHARACTERS. 

This leads me to my dream. Since I was little, I have had this dream of working as a princess at Disneyland. I could just picture it- signing autograph books, taking pictures, waving from atop of a float… it would be so amazing. 

I used to think this dream was out of reach, that it could never become a reality. I heard story after story about how hard it is to get a job as a character at Disneyland. “You don’t have singing experience? Forget it.” People would tell me that you could walk in to the auditions and if you didn’t look exactly like the character you were auditioning for, they’d yell “next” before letting you speak. As you could imagine, these stories scared me. So, I went on thinking for years that I’d never get the chance to be a princess at Disneyland.

BUT THEN……. (this is where it gets exciting!!!!)

Tonight, my floor went to dinner with the boys on the first floor of the north wing of Buckingham! (That might not make sense… basically a bunch of girls and guys went to dinner together). So, I was sitting near this guy Winton, a transfer student who’s actually older than me! Anyway, we somehow got on the topic of disney, and he asked me what my favorite disney movie is (I promptly responded “Tangled”). But then, being random as I always am, I went on a tangent about how I also really like the Little Mermaid, and how when I was younger my favorite princess was Belle, but how I’m not sure now because I don’t really relate to her personality or anything, I just probably thought she was my favorite because I look like her. That’s when one of my residents exclaimed “you do look like Belle!”, and I responded “stop it, it’s my dream to be Belle at Disneyland but I know it’s never gonna happen”. Then the residents at the table asked why not, and I retold some of the stories I had heard about how hard it is to get a character job at Disneyland. I also explained how people in my life are telling me that it’s time to grow up and get a real job (like an internship) this summer. But then, Winton explained how it’s not as hard as I thought, and began to tell me about the audition process. I then asked him how he knew all this, to which he responded that he was a prince (the prince from princess and the frog) the summer after he graduated high school. LIKE WHAT?! As you might imagine, I immediately began to bombard him with questions. He further explained how the audition process goes, and how he saw girls audition for princesses and thinks that I have a good chance in getting the job. I then interrupted him, my mind still being on the fact that he spent a summer working at Disneyland, and asked him if the rumor about the underground area for staff members. He replied that the underground area I had heard about is only at DisneyWorld; there isn’t anything underground at disneyland. Dang it! But now my mind jumped back to the fact that he knew all about the audition process.

This blog post is already really long, so I’m gonna try and leave out some details. He basically explained to me everything that goes on in the disney auditions, and everything I need to know how to do (copy an autograph exactly, do improv acting, etc). He even said he’d let me look at the training book and the official disney autograph book so I can prepare myself!!! Likeeeeee words cannot describe how excited I am. EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!

Ok. So, for those of you who are more head-driven than heart-driven, don’t worry- I’m not going to get my hopes up. I understand that, even if someone who worked at disneyland thinks I have a good chance and is giving me materials to prepare for the audition, I might not get the job. But at least I’m going to try! And if they offer me a character other than Belle? Awesome. I think it would be an amazing experience to work at disneyland no matter what character I play (well, except for the mascot ones like minnie or tigger). And if I don’t get any of the character jobs? Oh well, at least I will have the experience of auditioning! 

So, it’s settled. I’m applying to work at Disneyland as Belle this summer. Wish me luck! More info to come, but for now I’m off to begin researching! :)



MattyB- Titanium.

OBSESSED with this kid. I’ve spent the last hour or so watching all of his youtube videos… this one’s my favorite for sure. He’s 8 years old…. soooo adorable and talented. <3